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Step Up To

This workshop engages participants with their community by developing their self-efficacy and human capacity, social capital and support systems.

Often local residents do not have the knowledge or the confidence to participate in activities in their neighbourhood. Many parents are willing and available to 
contribute through schools, playgroups, neighborhood centres, and with support
and the appropriate resources, may continue on to further education
or employment opportunities.

This workshops aims to:

  • Connects participants
  • Build human and social capital
  • Listen to their stories and develop future choices
  • Assist with basic literacy and numeracy skills and strategies
  • Discuss the expectations of diverse communities
  • Develop confidence, pride and ownership in the community

Finally all participants will be supported in the development of a community project or event.

Activities are based on participants’ stories and experiences.   Discussions and activities extend vocabulary and literacy skills.

The collection of document and data is practiced. Strategies for planning, examples of concrete models for learning, resumes 
and project management are introduced. Through out the program, family health, leisure and internal resources are explored.

“You cannot teach what you don’t know. Parent training for parents in poverty should be about human capacity development of the adult – i.e., giving adults language to talk about their own experience, having adults developing their own future story, recording their personal stories”

- from ’Research Based Stratagies’- Ruby K Payne