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Soul Collage


  • Teach about the about the SoulCollage® process.
  • Offer an opportunity to experience SoulCollage®  readings
  • Are a great way to connect with like-minded people in your
  • Community
  • Include time for making cards in a creative atmosphere


       Who should participate?

  • Learn how to make better decisions because you learn
  • How to use your intuition as well as logical reasoning
  • Learn about yourself, what motivates you and the defence mechanisms you use
  • Access your inner wisdom in order to create change in your life
  • Connect with your creative self and find expression in a versatile and affordable medium

Trained SoulCollage® Facilitator Sally Sudweeks offers introductory and speciality workshops for people/groups interested in learning how to make SoulCollage® cards and use them in readings for their own self-discovery.

These workshops are available for unique corporate and business interactions or professional development for all professions.