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Bridges Out Of Poverty

- understanding your community-

- examining economic and social change-

This training will move your organisation’s thinking so that it will create more opportunities for sustainable success within communities. Disadvantaged communities have great potential, by including people who experience disadvantage service providers and businesses will have better insights into effective communication and barriers.

The poor [and vulnerable] lack a strong sense of ‘social coherence’ that contributes significantly to their poor health’

-Antonovsky, Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers

If you experience ‘social coherence’, you are safer,you will be looked after.

This workshop provides new understanding of

  • key issues and concepts
    • importance of building interventions based on resources
    • the lives of those experiencing disadvantage
    • hidden rules and mindsets that exist
    • the research basis
    • family structures impact
    • language and story

PRESENTER: Sally Sudweeks