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Remote Indigenous Education

Customised training/professional development, on-site for short or long term projects.

Hands Up for Reading

Practical solutions to direct teach reading

Building Classroom Relationships of Mutual Respect

Creating and maintaining relationships of mutual respect underpins successful classrooms.

Step Up To

A program that reflects on participants’ past skills and stories , then examines and builds present resources to enable future pathways and connections within community to grow.

Language and Communication for Students with Special Needs

Strategies for students experiencing difficulties in the classroom

Teach Me So I See It, Touch It And Move It

Catering for preferred learning style is a vital link in successful learning

Learning Through Questions

Questioning is a vital part of the learning process

Creating Workable Learning Spaces in Classrooms

Classroom design and ideas to support a learning environment.

Successful Group Work

Many hands and heads ARE better than one, but group learning needs structure to ensure true collaboration and cooperation.

Conducting Learning Expo’s

Develop the presentation and organizational skills of your students by getting them to design a learning expo.

Tell your story with IT

A range of practical computer based writing tasks that get students writing, using IT as a stimulus.

Skilled Presentations And Meetings That Matter

Meetings that don't make their point and waste valuable time are a thing of the past

Developmental Play Works

Play is a necessary activity for development and learning

Soul Collage

SoulCollage® is a creative, fun tool for easy, artful self-expression - developed by Seena B. Frost, M. Div., M.A.

Vision Mapping

Great for corporate group days or leadership discussion-great insight into your team