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Brain Gym

‘The teacher of today must be prepared to accept each child as distinct individual with unique challenges and vast potential. When a teacher  can meet a child where he is ,honour that place,and guide the child to learn at his own pace for his intrinsic worth,true education is possible.’

-Dr Paul Denison

Amazing two days in Bendigo, with Claire Hocking and her guess presenter Isabel Cohen from South Africa.

Brain Gym is a gentle and energising program which includes movements to co ordinate the brain and the body for greater productivity and learning. The movements are used to release tense muscles,improve brain/body communication, create a state of active relaxation and improve concentration,organisation and co-ordination.

Many years ago, the staff at a school I was working at used brain gym movements to settle and engage the kids. They became more focussed and had more energy.

The kids had little movements that they could practise when they needed them during the day and group interactions that provided  positive and fun activities to enhance learning. Many of these children could not learn as they needed to de stress. Some students were from disadvantaged areas but I have also seen ‘Brain Gym” used with many children who found concentrating difficult.  Testing can also stress children.

Sometimes you just need your understandings and grasp of a strategy reinforced . After spending 2 days participating and I mean actually practising integrating both sides of my brain, tracing Lazy 8s and drinking water and so many other movements. I now understand how it works.

Activities and  music reinforces physical development of young learners similar to the ‘old’ music and movement and finger plays that were so much part of early education.

Parental involvement can be essential to the success of the Brain Gym program for there child so there is an opportunity to introducing parents and teachers to the program as part of a team.

Now I know why we did many of these  activities to the day.


Posted on: April 4, 2014

Australian Curriculum and Play

This is the task for me. Play based learning within the curriculum, Australian or the Queensland C2C.

I have just returned from Queensland and visited many Early Learning Centres before working in the education classroom setting. The transition from ELC or Childcare Centres to Prep has become challenging when fulfilling the requirements of the Queensland C2C.

My aim is to integrate the necessary curriculum outcomes with the benefits and the anecdotal experiences of play-based learning.IMG_1931

The EYLF supports and expects young children to be able to learn through play and inquiry learning. The early years of school needs to continue this practise, to provide positive learning rather a state of failure for some kids.

Busy teachers find it hard to integrate the diverse concepts of play-based learning and  and explicit teaching. I will continue to develop best planning practice for documentation and assessment.

Is the child development and experiences of young children considered in the ‘testing’ model?

During the last few years Play and Play-based learning has become a passion and an obvious issue with in many early years settings. The transition between ELC and school is now being addressed in the Queensland Regions I have been working with.

If any others Queensland areas are interested in the integration and smooth transition for young children please contact me and let’s talk!

Posted on: April 4, 2014

Toowoomba North SS Pop Up Play Event

Kids at Toowoomba Nth PS enjoy the first POP UP Adventure Play! Awesome time had by all

Kids at Toowoomba Nth PS enjoy the first POP UP Adventure Play! Awesome time had by all

The pop up play was a huge success, watch out  for pictures

Posted on: January 15, 2014

Beewiseinc – workshops onsite

This is just a quick note to encourage you all to look around our new website and explore the options that can be delivered onsite and in classrooms.

In recognition of the difficulties for schools, teachers and associated organisations to  participate in professional development, child and family focussed strategies and events, Kath and I will come to you. You can design your PD to your individual settings, so please look through workshops and see what your needs are and decide  the best time and space to include your staff in these events.

We work with whole school communities, connecting families and community groups to build strong support for your education site.

Please circulate the new website amongst friends and colleagues

Posted on: November 2, 2013

Play for the future

Welcome to my journal page on the beewise website.

Kath, my business partner, and I have just returned from inland Queensland after enjoying working in schools,implementing strategies and introducing play based learning.  Working with kids in schools and seeing their positive reactions to hands on experiences was pure pleasure.  It is essential to provide an environment where children are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning.

I addressed a large group of childcare workers-acknowledging their deep understanding of the impact of play on a childs’ development, in learning and social interaction. A partnership between childcare and the first years of schools can only make transition to prep less confronting for young people.

Play Works has become paramount for me as I reflect on my experiences and varied roles in teaching and community. Check out the workshop. Play  incorporates all my essential elements for positive learning experience .Firstly, builds relationships between other children and allows the teacher to observe the child and perhaps play if invited. Language skills develop,new words, new cultures and mix of emotions. If you are enjoying something you are much more likely to be engaged . That goes for adults as well. Challenges are not so daunting, so children will take more risks and experiment with different ways.  There is no right or wrong. Interest based play will encourage learning ,discovering what works and greater creativity.Often behaviour problems disappear.

Child focussed open ended activities will promote independence and interdependence – skills for the future.

So play on young or old,adult or child


Posted on: July 19, 2013