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Sally Sudweeks

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Sally Sudweeks (Australia) is experience in the development and implementation of programs and procedures that foster resilience in children, young people and their families. She has worked as a teacher and leader within early years development, primary education, and special education providing an ’outside the box‘, creative approach. Sally has unique understanding of Special Education requirements, promoting visual learning strategies and creative involvement.

Her extensive interaction with communities, businesses, nonprofit organisations, and government departments realises the needs of all partners and the value of working together.

Sally spent five years as a coordinator with the Ardoch Youth Foundation, Her success is reflected in the implementation of many community supported projects; building relationships, respect and educational  experiences.

She continues to work closely with students and parents, from multicultural (CALD) and indigenous communities, young people and their families.

Her community engagement program ‘Making Tracks” (‘STEP UP 2”) was the winner of the 2010 Victorian Adult Education Design and Facilitation Award.

She provides practical understanding of low socio-economic communities where emergency services, employment and frontline agencies must interact together to develop a safe positive future.


Sally is an engaging and passionate presenter whose experience extends to isolated indigenous communities in Queensland and the Western Desert remote schools. Her availability and enthusiasm for providing support in traditionally excluded geographical areas is evidence of her flexibility and resourcefulness. Her follow up and extended visits has enabled successful implementation and sustainability.


Sally provides community workshops based on Ruby K. Payne’s, ”Bridges Out of Poverty” and “A Framework for Understanding Poverty, together with a suite of supported workshops that will inspire participants with practical strategies